HTML slider demo


Demure template and Fade transition html slider demo


This demo is a html slider with stunning Fade animation and remarkable Demure template.
Download now or see more live demos..



SEO Friendly
Basic HTML5 is used to make the slide show. This makes it easy for the various search engines to analyze the website successfully, while still maintaining your website looking interesting. It makes your web site not only satisfying to the clients but will keep search engines, from web sites for example Google, happy as well.

Mac and Windows
You have the ability to design cross-platform, on Mac machines and PC devices. cSlider can be set up to seamlessly run on both system, using the same functions, project files, and user interface.

Amazing Theme Set
You are never stuck with only one look; the theme collection offers you a lot of features. Using the pre-designed layouts, your slideshows will have a high quality look from the beginning. Within every theme, the frames, fonts, controls, colors, and backgrounds have been perfectly coordinated. Simply add your own words and drop in the pictures or photographs.

Adaptive Slideshow
Whatever animation, template, or options you have chosen, cSlider is brilliantly fluid. The carousel is going to be consistently perfect on any gadget used by your visitors to check out your website.

Simple Use
The 3 step interface is straightforward and easy to utilizeEasily drop photos you desire to add as slides. Choose the options, animations, and layout you want to use. Save the recently produced slideshow as a WordPress plugin, Joomla module, or stand-alone web page, with the Insert-to-Page Wizard inserted in page, by using the built-in FTP client, publisher server.

Flexibility and Adjustment
Customize a slider by dragging and dropping new images and videos in any setup. 100 % modify navigation controls and transition styles to build the exact slideshow you desire. Manage the settings for every slide and add different components to build a individualized picture display experience.

Online Picture Gallery for the Web page
Create a dynamic image gallery in just several clicks with cSlider effective creator. Basically select and drop photos to take advantage of cSlider advanced transition transitions, automatic resizing, and variety of outstanding gallery patterns.

Slide show Layouts
Skins can be totally customized and altered to fit your goals. Slide show style is just restricted by your desires.

Get Inspired and Get the Pattern Yours
cSlider themes are not just adaptable but simple to mold into amazing pattern elements. Nothing is out of reach. Every theme features a professional Style Editor which offers entire HTML and CSS control for custom generation from the ground up.

Powerful Carousel Designer
Getting your slideshow working is as easy as selecting a design theme, adding your pictures, implementing effects and selecting your preferred method to manage slides. cSlider automatically creates a result so that you can alter as much or as little as you’d like, as well as the opportunity for full CSS/HTML control and editing.